Historical review

UNITED SERVICES OF ENGLISH-ENGLISH INSTITUDTE-USE, was created on December 22 of 2000 by the initiative of Luis Eduardo Cruz Puerto, who has a wide baggage in the expertise of English with experience as a member of the Unite Nations (ONU) in several missions at the service of peace until 1994.

Thinking in the importance of speaking a second language, USE el inglés open its doors to the people of the city, on the 20 street # 0-53 Barrio Blanco. Giving education of the English language through the AVOGRI system (Audio/Visual/Oral/Grammatical/Interactive) developed in the AMERICAN HEADWAY program, support academic material of OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS (OUP) which develops the comprehension and production, implementing the competences, pragmatic and social language according to the parameters established by the MEN and the Common European Frame who established the basic English standards as al foreigner language in Colombia.

In the year 2005 USE el inglés on behalf of Luis Eduardo Cruz was named coordinator of San José de Cúcuta town hall’s bilingualism program in Cúcuta’s Technological Center since 2008, Creator of the Spelling Bee Chapter Cúcuta and pedagogic investigator.

  By 2013, USE el inglés has two headquarters, the main building located in 4th avenue No. 14 – 85 2nd floor Barrio La Playa, specialized on teenagers and grown-ups, the 2nd building located on 5th avenue No. 4 – 132 corner, Prados del este. Specialized in children from 3 to 11 years.


Been the leader language institute of English teaching, satisfying the needs of our clients, giving them a quality education with an excellent services portfolio.


For the year 2018, be the best Language institute specialized in English as a foreigner language in the border zone, providing a quality service, integral and professional to the community.

Corporate Values


  ¿Where are we?

    AV.4 No.14-85 2DO.Piso La Playa

    5955371 - 314-2364862


    Cúcuta - Colombia